Why Choose Fortis?

Highly experienced in understanding and delivering customers’ needs

Cremation funerals are fully guaranteed

We guarantee to cover funeral director fees and services included within the plan for ALL funeral types offered

Protects you and your family against rising costs

Guaranteed to be accepted without intrusive interviews or medicals and no age restrictions

Flexible payment options available to all

Plan your funeral in as much or as little details as you are comfortable with

Significantly reduce financial and emotional worries for your loved ones

We will cover 100% of cremation funeral costs at Fortis, whenever that time comes around.

Keeping Your Money Protected

Anyone who opts into a Fortis Funeral Plan will have their payments paid into the Fortis Funeral Plan Trust. Here, it will accumulate in order to cover rising costs of funeral services. The trust itself is managed by an external organisation, Sterling Trust Corporation, in-line with all current regulations. To learn more, visit sterlingtrustlaw.co.uk.

Avoiding Increased Costs

Astonishingly, if you deposited the average price for a funeral in 2004 (£1,920) into a savings account, the standard interest earned would mean you now have £2,209. This amount of money would only cover around half of the costs of the average funeral price today.

According to various studies, the average cost of funerals in the UK is doubling every 12-15 years. This means that a £4000 funeral today, could be £8000 by 2031. By purchasing a Fortis Funeral Plan, you can pay for your funeral in advance to ensure that all the essential elements are covered, and you never need to worry about the rising cost.

“We tend not to like talking about death, let alone planning for it. Get it out of the way now so that you can carry on living”
Your Way

Do It For You, Do It For Your Loved Ones

The Fortis team will work with you to plan your funeral just the way you envisage it. This will not only reduce the workload for your family when they are grieving, but it also means they do not have to agonise over important decisions themselves. With our plans, you are guaranteed the funeral you would really want.
Helping You

Have You Considered Special Details?

What type of flowers do you prefer? Where do you want to be laid to rest? Which readings, music, hymns and poems do you want to be included? How about an eco-friendly service? Or even no service whatsoever? Fortis Funerals have a wealth of experience to plan and we are here to listen and help as much (or as little) as you need.

Direct Cremation Plan

This is a basic plan which provides a cremation-only service. Specifically, those that opt for this plan will benefit from funeral director services, including collection and transportation.

The funeral on this plan will not include limousines, viewing the deceased or a service for mourners.

At the crematoria, remains are scattered or can be collected by family members. It is also possible to have the ashes delivered for an additional fee.

Our Disbursement Guarantee

Those you treasure the most will never be left to fund your cremation funeral because our Fortis Plan guarantees to cover 100% of the costs, regardless of the cost at the time. This applies to all, essential disbursements only, namely Cremation Fee, Doctor or Medical Fee and Officiant Fee.

In 2018*, a cremation funeral costs on average £3744, which is more than double the cost since 2004. Unfortunately, these costs are set to rise beyond normal levels of inflation.

Fortis offer fixed plans for cremation services so you never have to pay any more than the selected plan price. This means you can avoid excessive inflation, and everything is always taken care of when the time comes.

This money-saving service that covers the whole cost of your cremation funeral*** is known as the Fortis Disbursement Guarantee. If your funeral plan includes a burial, we guarantee to cover the whole costs of funeral director’s fees and services. However, due to Fortis plans having no control over increasing disbursement fees for burials – such as the interment (digging of the grave) – we offer a generous allowance towards the cost, which will increase annually by at least the Consumer Price Index.
In the 2018 SunLife Cost of Dying Report, results analyse average quotes for standard burial arrangements and cremation from a UK sample of funeral directors. (https://www.sunlife.co.uk/siteassets/documents/cost-of-dying/cost-of-dying-report-2018.pdf

**Using the gross average current account rates between August 2004 and August 2018.
***Cremation funeral guarantees are only available on specific plans. Refer to T&Cs for details.
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