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The Fortis Funeral Plan


No one funeral is the same and we offer the simplest way for you to plan your funeral. Rather than complex plan choices, a Fortis Funeral Plan is a straightforward way of choosing the things you want for your funeral and not paying for items or services that you may not want or indeed use.

Our unique CREMATION GUARANTEE also enables you the peace of mind to know that when the time comes, all the items chosen within your plan are fully guaranteed not to cost you, or your loved ones, any additional money at what is already a very difficult time. 

The Fortis Funeral Plan contains the following essential items:

Collection from wherever you pass away in the UK, any time day or night as required.
A simple, quality Coffin with necessary fixtures and fittings.
Professional Services and care of a local Funeral Director.
Family or friends can visit the chapel of rest to pay their respects any time of day, by appointment.
On the day, a Motorised Hearse will take you from the funeral home to either the Crematorium or Burial Ground locally.
The Funeral Director will provide Bearers to carry the coffin, however your family or friends are welcome to assist if they wish.
On the day, a Motorised Hearse will take you from the funeral home to either the Crematorium or Burial Ground locally.
Cremation Fees are fully guaranteed (If Burial, a £1200 allowance* towards the opening of the Grave is included instead and you will be required to own your own burial plot**)
Doctor (or Medical Referee) Fees are fully guaranteed
Funeral Officiant Fees are fully guaranteed
Ashes to be returned to the family and can be collected from the funeral director or sent by courier to anywhere in the UK. Please note sending ashes abroad may incur and additional cost.
Your Fortis Funeral additions are:


Limousine - £260 each, guaranteed

To transport your loved ones to and from your place of rest (average 6-7 passengers per car)

Newspaper Obituary Notice - £180 per newspaper, guaranteed

Standard, 4-page Orders of Service - £135 for up to 60 mourners, guaranteed

So your mourners can follow the service at your place of rest

Embalming - £200 Allowance

Flowers - £250 Allowance

Wicker/Bamboo Coffin upgrade - £500 Allowance

Cardboard Coffin upgrade -  £600 Allowance

Repatriation back to the UK - POA

Allowance will vary depending upon the country where the death occurred. Please ask us for more information.
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