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Why pay now when I have years before my funeral?

It is sensible to plan your funeral in as much advance as possible. The costs are rising, and it becomes a great way to save you and your family money.

What will happen if I die before all my instalments are paid?

Fortis Funeral Plans are only valid once fully paid for. Unlike insurance, our funeral plans have a set price and are required to be paid before use. In the unfortunate circumstance whereby the plan holder passes away before the plan is paid for, the next of kin will be required to pay the balance of the plan before the funeral can take place, which is an allowable deduction from the estate of the person who died.

Can I cancel my plan?

Any plan can be cancelled, and you will receive a refund of all monies paid in, provided the cancellation reaches us, in writing, within 30 days of purchase. After 30 days, plans may still be cancelled, and refunds will be made subject to a cancellation fee of £249. Plans cannot be cancelled after the plan holder has passed away and must either be utilised, or the funds paid will be forfeited.

Can I purchase a Fortis plan for someone else?

It is possible to take out a plan in someone else’s name. Correspondence will be mailed to the person paying for the plan and we guarantee confidentiality. Please ensure we know that this is your wish.

Is acceptance guaranteed?

Yes – Everyone can benefit from a Fortis Funeral Plan. We have no Age, Health or Geographical Restrictions.

Who will deliver my funeral?

Fortis will place your funeral with a professional funeral director, local to you. In more rural areas, this will be discussed with you during your welcome call to ensure you are happy with our choice.

May I request for a local director to service my funeral?

Fortis will contact local funeral directors within our network to request them to deliver your funeral. If you have a preferred Funeral Director, who is not part of our network, we will ask them if they are willing to assist however, like with all providers, using your preferred Funeral Director, cannot be guaranteed.

Should your preferred funeral director reject the plan, you will be left with two options. 

1) Fortis shall automatically assign your funeral to one of our network of funeral homes or 

2) Fortis will provisionally assign your funeral to one of our network and will contact your preferred Funeral Director again, once you pass away, and offer them your funeral once more. Should they reject again at that point, Fortis will work with your loved ones to discuss other available funeral directors in your area.

Once the plan is fully purchased, will there be other costs?

All the items and services purchased within a Fortis Plan will require no additional payment now, or in the future. You or your loved ones may decide to add additional items to the funeral, if not already included in your Plan (Such as Flowers, Orders of Service, Newspaper Notices etc etc) which would incur additional costs. We recommend that, any item not included in our plans are ordered (and paid for) with the Funeral Director at the time of need.

Some customers may wish to add additional allowances for these items within their Fortis Funeral plan then, at the time of need, the Funeral Director will receive the allowance amount, plus Consumer Price Index (CPI) uplift to go towards the cost. Any item within the Fortis Plan which has an allowance will not be fully guaranteed.

How can I be sure the funds will be there?

All money you pay into your plan, whether in a one-off payment or in instalments, will be held securely by an independent trust. The Sterling Trust Corporation has been appointed as trustees and manage the growth of your funds, and will be paid to the appointed funeral director at the time of need.

If I buy the cremation plan, can my family have a service for me?

All traditional Crematoria offer a service area before the Cremation takes place. The cost of this service at the Crematorium is fully guaranteed by the Fortis Plans. If you require a service in addition to the one at the Crematorium (such as a Church or other Religious venue) then the cost of this will need to be paid in addition to the plan. Like other extras mentioned previously, this can be organised and funded via the Funeral Director.

For Burials, the cost of any the committal service at the Graveside, along with the opening of the grave, will be included within our plans via an allowance. If your allowance is LESS than the overall cost of these items, the family or estate may have to pay the shortfall. You will also be required to purchase a burial plot (unless you already have one). The price of the Burial Plot is not included within your Fortis Plan, but we are happy to offer you help and advice.

What happens if I pass at home with a Fortis Cremation Only plan?

As our Fortis Cremation Only funerals can be held anywhere in the UK, should you pass away and require immediate collection, you may be collected by a local funeral director and then transferred to a Fortis contracted Funeral Director once all necessary paperwork has been completed. There is no additional charge for this.

Can I add to my plan in the future?

Yes, you are welcome to make additions to your plan at anytime. There are no administration fees for this. However, you would need to pay the price of the additional item as it is at the time of upgrade.

Will my family have to collect my ashes, or can they be sent by post?

It is possible for Ashes to be sent by courier to anywhere in the UK and selected countries around the world. If this is still the case when you require it, your funeral director will arrange this and the receiving party will be required to pay the fee at the time.

Will I have to pay doctor fees for my funeral?

Doctor Fees or Medical Certification Fees are required when the person who has passed away is being cremated and no Post-mortem is required. Our Guaranteed plan means that, should the fee be applicable, Fortis will pay for it in full at no additional cost to the family or your estate.
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