The Fortis Cremate Only Plan


(Fully Guaranteed)

What Is It?

Recently, we have seen a marked increase in customers opting for a no-fuss, cremate-only funeral.

Not having a service at the Crematorium does not mean that there is no funeral or no ability to say goodbye. The cremate-only funeral allows your loved ones to remember you without the upset of sitting in a crematorium chapel.

We often find that people don’t want to spend big on funerals and our Cremate-Only option allows you to save a considerable amount of money by breaking from the “traditional” and having a more personalised funeral option.

This plan takes care of the essential part of the funeral and those you leave behind will have the freedom to arrange a memorial at a time, date and location that is more convenient (and usually a lot less expensive) for them.

What Is Included?

Collection following your passing 24 hours a day, 7 days a week from anywhere in the UK
A basic crematorium-approved coffin
Transportation from the funeral home to the crematorium in a Funeral Vehicle
A Funeral Director (Selected by Fortis) to arrange and organise your funeral – They will also keep your loved-ones informed of the proceedings
Fees for the Crematorium
Any applicable Medical Fees
Your Ashes are made available for collection (or can be sent) to your next of kin if they wish to have them

What Is NOT Included?

Your loved ones will have NO OPTION to view you at the funeral home
You will have NO SERVICE at the Crematorium – You will simply be cremated privately without any mourners
Your cremation could happen ANYWHERE IN THE UK – You are not guaranteed to be cremated at your local crematorium due to limited space to accommodate
Your Funeral Director will be EXCLUSIVELY CHOSEN by Fortis Funerals from a national network of contracted cremate-only funeral directors
Following your Cremation, your mourners are welcome to host their own memorial which would be organised and funded separately from this plan.

Looking For A Full Funeral Plan?

We also offer a full funeral plan that includes many more features, to take the hassle out of organising your funeral. 
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